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Conversation Between Eurys and Naive
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  1. Naive
    2013-02-21 21:04
    So I'm going to law school
  2. Naive
    2012-12-09 00:46
    miss you darling
  3. Naive
    2012-11-03 13:39
    I haven't but I should watch it just for the shirtless dudes :>

    I took the LSAT, I think I'm going to be a lawyer.
  4. Eurys
    2012-09-08 04:38
    Yeah. I still do ship, but it's really tame and not intense like I used to.
    Btw, did you watch Teen Wolf? Lots of shirtless guys, it's worth sitting through the campiness.
  5. Naive
    2012-08-15 15:59
    It's funny because now that a lot of my love has faded for some of my favorite couples, I kind of miss shipping. :<
  6. Eurys
    2012-06-30 01:07
    hey, hi! How are you? Sorry, my reply is so late...
    Didn't watch the last gundam, the only anime i watched recently is aquarion evol. Of course, it was all about shipping
    My life is super boring, which could be a positive thing but... I dunno, i have nothing interesting to share, it's kinda pathetic.
  7. Naive
    2012-05-27 15:28
    Hey sensei, How is the new gundam age
  8. Naive
    2012-02-08 21:29
    Hope you're okay
  9. Naive
    2012-01-02 00:05
    Have a happy new year
  10. Naive
    2011-10-01 11:43
    i'm glad! you disappeared off the face of the internet for a while.

    I'm great. I'm doing an internship at a law firm. ^_^

    Hope everything is ok.

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