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Conversation Between kenjiharima and Merilyn Mensola
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  1. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-10-03 07:51
    Merilyn Mensola
    Kenji, look at my new amv...
  2. kenjiharima
    2012-09-08 04:02
    Yep already seen the Ada scenario, glad it's unlockable and not DLC.
    I feel this will be more action based, it won't scare you because it's only dark on Leon's part. There will be another RE6 demo coming this 18th, probably the one at gamescon where Leon and Helena ended up with a horde of zombies. Dunno about Chris and Jake's though.
  3. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-09-08 03:43
    Merilyn Mensola
    I see, thanks for your opinion, so basically only the Leon campaign seems bad..interesting the Nemesis enemy like in res 3...ok i have to play it...i hope the atmosphere is tell you the true, i have missed the feeling of fear that this game transmitted in res 1-2-nemesis-veronica-Zero (for game cube)..i hope that i can feel it again in res 6..

    I don't know if you already discovered this
    Spoiler for Spoiler for res 6 extra campaign:

    Don't watch the video, i also didn't watch..however this is really interesting....maybe is the best in this game
  4. kenjiharima
    2012-09-07 22:30
    Well as far as I played the demo, I think most people would find Chris and Jake's gameplay on the demo more fun to play, most especially Chris because it's focused on shooters like most games these days. Jake's similar to RE3 Jill he has a "Nemesis" type enemy that cannot be killed and he's a unique character to use. Leon's pretty linear and scripted bored me to death. The new cover system takes awhile to get used to, but the new dodge and roll moves make up for the better gameplay.

    Hope that heled.
  5. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-09-07 04:10
    Merilyn Mensola
    I know you're an expert, what do you think of res 6? i want to know your opinion on this game..
  6. kenjiharima
    2012-08-21 03:56
    Will probably go borrow from a friend who bought it or play it there in the weekend.
  7. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-21 03:22
    Merilyn Mensola
    I see..., however, you should play it when you have the opportunity...this game is awesome...the puzzles are amazing..the level up of the MC is really well done, and the game is long..with many side quests, and secret everywhere..the story is good as well.....
  8. kenjiharima
    2012-08-21 01:59
    Bought Sleeping Dogs and P4 Arena, didn't had enough budget for DSII.
  9. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-20 07:44
    Merilyn Mensola
    Hey Kenji...have you played Darksiders?

    I'm playing Darksider 2 just epic this game...really!!!
  10. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-08-20 07:41
    Merilyn Mensola
    Hey Kenji...have you played Darksiders?

    I'm playing Darksider 2 just epic this game...really!!!

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