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Conversation Between kenjiharima and Kirito
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  1. kenjiharima
    2014-10-21 18:16

    Oh man PS3 broke?! Sucks balls The Evil Within is a great game I hope that can get fix pronto. I take time to play it when I get a chance on week days, even if I'm late for work lol

    No PS3 anda borrowed Vita...Ouch. Oh well. All I can say is that if you watch the Senran Kagura anime it's a combination of 3DS games SK and SK-Burst, Katsuragi and Ikaruga's freshmen years in the side story manga and a continuation to Shinovi Versus. This is what I love about this game it's not all about fan service it's story is awesome as well.

    Yeah guess so having these consoles, though probably after I finish the evil within I'd go back to Bayo2.

    In my humble opinion, religious groups should watch "Saint Young Men" before they start tearing this game if ever and blame us gamers
  2. Kirito
    2014-10-20 21:29
    Glad to see you reply back dude!

    About the Evil Within. I haven't been able to play it yet. Why? Because my PS3's disc reader got wrecked. So I have to wait for 2-3 weeks until it's fixed. Sucks since I have no PS3 and I can't play it. That's true and having to protect Miora and babysit her can be good when it comes to tension in having to keep yourself and the other alive, but it's the partner thing, you know. I hope that they'll be parts where either Clare or Miora are alone and they have to survival for awhile before they hook up again. I think I can get behind that.

    "Taps fist and epic high five". Speaking of Senren Kagura Shinovi Versus, like the Evil Within I haven't been able to play that as well. My cousins took my Vita to the States with them and the only time I can get it back is around Christmas time. Bastards! I'm not that familiar with the other Senren Kagura characters aside Asuka and Homura's group, but if I were to pick a second favourite I'd have to go with Yagyuu and with Homura and Katsuragi being tied for 3rd. Yeah I heard about her back story and I can't wait to play and see for myself when I can get my Vita back and play the game in person.

    Once again, you're lucky. I guess I'll play emulators on the PC or the 3DS to past the time.

    Dude! What the f**k did I just watch?. All I can say is I hope religion groups don't hops on the media bandwagon and blame us gamers for being anti-antisemitism. But still that game and trailer "shudders in disgust".
  3. kenjiharima
    2014-10-20 19:02
    Hey long time no reply lol

    well the evil within is a good example on how being alone and only having partners for a certain time and non combatant partners make a good horror game, funny though Moira says she's not into the fighting stuff and leaves it to Claire.

    awesome *taps fist* Katsuragi ftw! When fully upgraded she's one of the toughest characters in the game, every move can stun 90% of the time! Her damage is second to Daidoji. Asuka and Homura fall 2nd place tie on my end, Yumi is my third, Hikage is my forth and probably I'd go with the masochist Ryona or Yomi as my 5th fav. As you can see there are alot of tied characters. mostly the brunettes and the 2 blondes. But nothing beats Katsuragi's unique perky attitude and her back story is dark with her parents. She plays a big role in the story on Shinovi versus if you think about it besides Asuka.

    As for Akiba Strip, Zelda and Bayo I think I need to concentrate The Evil Within for now. :3

    Also this game...Jesus Christ!
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  4. Kirito
    2014-10-20 16:14
    Sorry for the late reply dude. Had no internet because my ISP are being such idiots. Anways...time to respond to your reply.


    Okay. Well AI partners do have their pluses and quirks, but it totally doesn't fit the standard of fear and isolation. I mean having someone with you eliminates the fear and isolation aspect on the context of horror. RE had proven again and again that struggling and having to use YOUR own wits to survive is was made the RE character was they were. Atmosphere is important but with RE Revelations 2, I can understand the realism in partnering, but it's ideal of what made the series worked is I want to see. It looks promising but I still have low expectations for it.

    I'll pass on Legend of Dynasty. It looks cool but will pick it up in the future when I feel like it. You're a Katsuragi fan too, sweet "brofist". Love sexy blonde in half naked shirts and can kick butt so hard it's not even funny. I'm 1 trophy away from Plat-ing Akiba Strip...truly a fun game. I like the pettanko idol imouto vampire. Little bitchy but yeah black lingerie. That's all I can say.

    Me too. But lately there have been news that people have felt headaches and pains in VR testing. I'm sure Event sort of covered this in one of his video, but forget which one. If that's possible then the future for us ecchi and waifu lovers looks bright indeed if this becomes prominent.Still waiting on a Nervegear...but despite the setbacks and worries I'm really excited for VR in the future. Just hope they add the log out function.
  5. kenjiharima
    2014-10-07 22:32
    Yeah RE5 gave more realism, too bad as a solo player you cannot enjoy it that much because you need to baby sit a poor AI partner, that's why partners now in RE are not killable. True as well with a partner, RE revelations1 could have worked without Parker and Jessica, though Parker helping you up in certain situations is a plus, but in the RE revelations series they're more of your "Shield" rather than partners.

    Yeah I need to play Akiba Strip again been playing Zelda Mosou and waiting for my bionetta2 and Smash bro WII-U. Speaking of Katsuragi she's my fav too.

    Let's just hope we do not lag in SAO in future Just read the article, pretty cool hope there more enhancements in occulus, also kind find it funny that in 3DS version of Senran Kagura can be connected to occulus for real life breast simulation.
  6. Kirito
    2014-10-06 20:27
    I see. Thanks I remember. Despite the fact I hated co-op in RE I have to admit that RE5 has the best in terms of co-op options and realism in player and partner deaths. I think RE: Revelations 2 could do better without it consider that I hate to admit it, but Capcom in the RE: Rev 2 demo the dark gritty atmosphere and the feeling of isolation has returned, but the co-op sort of makes it less "moody" so to speak.

    Me too. I'd gladly pay that price as well. I'm more of a Katsuragi fan. She's my fave in the series. Speaking of nude I need to get back on Akiba's Trip. Such a fun game and worth the money that I've spent on it.

    Who know dudes. With Occulus Rift and Playstation's own Project Morphesus we might come sooner than we think. But it's just a matter of it they're willing to enhance and focus on that concept. Maybe it's just me being a SAO fanatic (hence my namesake). Yeah...well I don't really care for EA as much anymore, but like you said they have good ideas and PRs, but their overall execution on them are a complete bust.

    Speaking of VR there's an interesting article. Go take a look if you're interested!
  7. kenjiharima
    2014-10-05 23:13
    RE5 yes when your partner dies she dies game over. That's why the best co-op is with RE5. RE6 and future RE titles in Revelations the partner doesn't die at all, their efficient but still has the same Sheva AI patern.

    Just give us a nude patch for $10 bucks I'd buy that. Also seems Yumi is the one they're promoting now.

    Till we get to the age of TRON in the 80's to 2000's tech, guessing SAO won't happen yet. As for gamer gate I lost faith in them after I saw the news. EA has been always EA markets good PR yet does nothing good about the game.
  8. Kirito
    2014-10-04 14:48
    True. But then again what we saw was the beta so things could likely changed in the forced co-op we have to deal with. I don't know how they'll go able the realism regarding co-op, but I never played RE 5 and 6 with a partner so I was pretty much on my own and if I die I die. Can your partner also die, as well? I can't remember...

    Sweet. I might get the PS3 version too. Well Senran Kagura was always about the teases and not getting the "main course" so to speak. Even if there was full nudity I think the series was made that way as to entice people into PG-13 fanservice especially when things could be 14A material. I mean, fan service = easy $. But doesn't matter to us right?

    I've seen Event's new video and EA is still dumb and arrogant. It's also really sickening to see Terrorists making games to convert people. Seriously don't these guys have nothing better to do "sighs"? It's good that people can get refunded for Mighty no.9 but is that enough to garnish trust and support back into it? I don't know much about Gamer Gate, but it looks like there's some big controversy regarding it. Well I'm a console gamer and I buy discs so I can't relate or comment on this kind of thing. As a SAO fan I'm glad we're potentially close to VR gaming (Nerve Gears here we come!), but the whole virtual death thing kind of turns me off. What has gaming come to dude? Where's aspirin when you need one?
  9. kenjiharima
    2014-10-03 00:26
    True. If Chris had steroids, Claire has gone to drug theraphy Also Moira getting mangled by the zombies and suddenly when Claire was about to leave the room she pops up there. Making me think this should have been co-op like RE5, I really like where your partner can die adds realism.

    Speaking of Senran Kagura, might get the Japanese version on the PS3. Full nudity change though censored. TGS 2014

    Here's Event's new vid.
  10. Kirito
    2014-09-25 19:12
    Sorry for my late reply dude. Just started a basic Japanese class and it's really fun. Somethings are confusing but I'm two classes in so I'm picking up on things. Anyways...


    It's nice to see Youtubers using video games to invoke change in peoples live. I'll be sure to check out that Youtuber when I have time. Maximillian is planning a charity event which I'll inform you if you're interested.

    You know how I feel about Capcom doing Episodic episodes for RE: Revelations 2? I know the news is still early and things could get better "scoffs at self", but I'm so not digging Claire's all. It's like you said she's like Ellen Page but got out of drug rehab. Seriously Capcom go back and look at Code Veronica and Degeneration to get the design right before it's too late.

    I think Akiba's Trip was worth the money I've spent. I had a blast playing it and my family was looking at me oddly about me playing, but oh well, it's tough being an otaku. Speaking of which I got Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus on deck this November. Can't boner heart and Vita is ready.

    Glad you liked the video. It really made sense to me on how the community isn't what it seems anymore. It's more like looking out for #1. It saddens me that certain race, groups, and minorities are often subjugated to stereotypes and don't look at the big picture. I, too, suffered from persecution behind of color and my hobbies etc, but it's the wanting to reach out and learn that keeps me going you know. Why else have I invested so much time in Japanese games etc. They haven't let me down and the games are fantastic. Yeah Youtubers should get the notion out of their heads that they're not celebrities because they have thousands of subscribers. It's cool that they get paid to play games, but it shouldn't effect your job life. If the gaming fails they'll need something to fall back on. That's why I respect people like Event and Alphaomegasin because they're real people and they do Youtube as a hobby and to reach out to the communities they wish to represent.

    Thanks for the vid dude. I watched and I'm really shocked and disgusted at EA (who isn't?) and what the people behind Mighty #9 are doing. I mean, I was on board for Mighty #9, but seeing this really put me off. I mean, the fans took their time to give them their money to create this game and now they're saying what's yours is ours and we're not giving back. To make things worse they spat on the people who wanted to play this game and invested in it, but feel like they've been cheated. Makes me sad to hear that because it's like Capcom's arrogance rubbed off on Inafune and it's to see that.

    On that note: I really hope to see Xenosaga HD come into fruition. I didn't get a chance to play the games, but with this I might be able to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Please make this happen!

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