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Conversation Between kenjiharima and Kirito
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  1. kenjiharima
    2014-09-24 19:53
    I agree with the video you posted. It's more of neighborhood than a community, black people are always stereotyped, Asians/Japan really did brought gaming to the next level. I really don't like the topic people dying at an early age because of where you are at it just makes me think the world is this sick where in some area's it's really not. Youtubers I gotta agree as well, some youtubers just don't sit in their ass they have real life jobs, some people in youtube are just plain lazy and just go emo go to social media to get attention for views, that's a fact.

    New gaming vid from Event. Banning people that gave you money? Fuck! EA sign this rape pledge or you look bad, what?! Like you sent me common sense EA common sense.
  2. kenjiharima
    2014-09-23 20:42
    Hey nice to hear from you again.
    I'm really glad there are gamers that do things like what Event do. Markiplier is also one that does charity almost every 3 months for different institure, but he's now associated with a group so pretty much he cannot mention anything "BAD" to much about a game, example when he played the SIMS4 he said he played it for fun, "I know you guys got problems with this" and he cuts off saying he just wanted to play it for fun, didn't mention why, but on the flip side he's concentrated on charity live streams like Event does.

    Havent seen that video will take a look and reply a bit later.

    RE revelations 2 "EPISODIC" that's a FAIL! Also look at the graphics it's medicore! Claire and Barry's daughter Moira look like Ellen Page damn it, LOL Either way wait for the full compy, Crapcom just wanna nickle and dime us gamers and consumers again.

    Currently playing Akiba Strip. Alot of free dlc content, but damn the swim suits are DLC, oh well paying for fan service. I'm gonna wait for a bundle on the swimsuit. $5 for 5 girls $25 bucks man...that's 2 used cheap games if you can find a good seller.
  3. Kirito
    2014-09-23 13:09
    Yo, Kenji. It's been awhile. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on the Event Status charity videos. I've seen them and they were really great. It's nice to see a gamer and Youtuber taking gaming into a positive notion. It goes to show that even games can help lives in contrast to what the media keeps saying...hypocritical bastards.

    Anyways...I wish to share a video with you. It talks about the gaming community and the races of people and experiences in it. It's a really insightful and knowledgeable video. If you have the time be sure to have a look at it. I'm sure you'll like what you will see and hear.

    So until then dude...until then. RE Revelations 2. It's nice that it could go back to the horror roots, but I'm still skeptical. Can you blame me? Not really "shrugs shoulders".
  4. kenjiharima
    2014-07-27 03:03
    Does lets play raises money for charity

    more youtubers should be like this.
  5. kenjiharima
    2014-07-21 05:50
    Yes! I'm free for the week got. My par-time job ended and I'll be a home body again. lol
    A writer huh? Cool, I wish you good luck on the career path you are following.

    That was actually kinda of a spoiler since there is a Cashcom shit article on their page that SFV will be for next gen, but they specifically said PS3 and then later on they announce. :/
    Well I'm pretty much a casual gamer now not really focusing that much attention to combos and links now a days, but I'd love to see the vids.

    DmC port?! LOL What is that a The Last Of Us graphics upgrade? Good luck with the bug fixes also seems NT has given up on it as seeing they've moved on to new games which are innovative, but garnering their name it didn't sell well, karma I tell you.

    Crapcom has been shooting themselves in the foot in the mid 2000's I won't be surprise if the only thing coming out in 2015 is a new SF game, the Tekken x SF cross over and another RE game. They won't bet on new IP's only these two games are keeping ca$hcom a float.

    Now playing Gundam Dynasty Warirors back to back with replaying MGS Peace Walker
  6. Kirito
    2014-07-17 08:46
    Thanks for stopping by and showing me another great Event video. Event, you are the truth "props". And also sorry for not replying to your last post. I've been busy with looking for work and trying to get my mother off my back regarding my career choice. I've been studying to be a writer and went to school for it, but it wasn't enough to land me jobs for it. I'm going to university for literature as my last gambit. I understand what she's saying, but it's my dream and I won't give up on it., let's get this started...


    Cashcom lying what else is new? A New Street Fighter announced after Ultra just got released not to long ago, it just shows that people are too damn worn out with SF4 and don't want to bother with it. But with EVO and the pros help it became somewhat relevant. I didn't bother with Ultra and would rather play fun and engaging game like BB, P4A, and the upcoming Degenki Fighting Climax. Those look fun and diverse compared to SF.

    Speaking of DFC if you wish to see good Japanese competitive vids of the game, let me know. I've been following this game religiously to understand the mechanics and match ups since I already have a main. I think you can guess who I'm going for. Oh yes, Rentaro and Yukina have been released yesterday. Just waiting on a stream or other footage of how they actually play in the flesh (not literally)

    Seriously. If they did have the money to announce a new SF. Why don't they try to make a new game off our old requested classics? Or fix their mistakes and make a proper console port of Breathe of Fire instead of a freaking mobile game (I really miss Power Stone, Breathe of Fire and Rival Schools etc.). First our beloved franchise classics now reduced to artbooks, phone cases, or cards etc. If they have the time to do that why not they get their asses and make games. But no, it's always the easy cash outs not taking the time to appeal and please the fans, but their ego and wallets.

    Seriously DmC getting a port "facepalm". This is nothing but corporate stupidity at its finest. I mean we've already had to suffer with that piece of garbage on the PS3 and 360, but next gen. Can't they leave this buried already! Christ. I know the game is a lackluster failure, but knowing Cashcom and there continuous string of screws up I won't be surprised we'll see "DmC2" in the future. Just the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach "shudders in disgust".

    They just need to get bought out already before it's too late for our beloved franchises. But I fear the fans will help continue in helping them do these things that don't make sense and are totally unethical. Seriously Cashcom. Haven't you done enough damage already!
  7. kenjiharima
    2014-07-16 21:06
    Did you see this? Capcom lying lol
  8. kenjiharima
    2014-07-09 00:55
    True it's Ca$hcom's greed that will make them irrelevant. Just imagine before. Final Fight, StreetFighterII series, Red Earth, Star Gladiators, Dark Stalkers, Rival Schools, Breath of Fire, Power Stone, Megaman series....the list goes on. Now where are they? Selling old artwork on stuff to make money. =_= It's not just art, but the passion we saw before in gaming was awesome now it's CASHon not passion. lol

    Deep Down online meh...nvm. RE7 if they freaking tie in that to the RE Alice movies, they could just go to hell. RE5 the DLC lost nightmares was a legitimate survival horror I can still give props to that. RE6 is just all over the place. I'll stick to my Gundam reborn game and other mosou games for now till Metal Gear Solid V TPP comes out.
  9. Kirito
    2014-07-07 20:49
    Well that's Cashcom's mentality as of right now - Cash in on the next big thing. But by the time they do it it's either:

    A. Not relevant
    B. Outdated

    Just take at RE5-6. They wanted the drag in the COD audience, but by the time they thought about it COD wasn't that relevant or outdated because it's been played and updated over and over. They had a good formula but now it's just to make money. Really sad how a company that was once did great things, have flopped miserably. Ono's not stupid. It's good he left because if Seth, Mikami-sensei and Inafune-sensei left they know something's up. It's only a matter of time before Ono leaves. Would we be surprised...not really.

    I know you'd react to this news that way. It's always as if they want to go under. It's their fault why their talent left and they can't produce the best games they could anymore. They still have potential but not utilizing it right, and I have no faith in RE7 or Deep Down anyways. Maybe you probably do but me I'm blowing my money on JRPGs for a good long while!
  10. kenjiharima
    2014-07-07 19:46
    Crapcom is an idiot on mobile gaming. They made Breath of Fire 6 on Mobile that is so stupid making a whole town like sims while doing quest. =_= That's better off as a real game for consoles. Glad Ono went back to Japan that's a better a better place he's well suited for.

    Also Jesus Christ....they're just banking on the artwork plastering it everywhere when in the end the games are the ones that really bring in the money.

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