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Conversation Between kenjiharima and ACSephiroth
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  1. ACSephiroth
    2009-06-19 17:55
    Ok I will sent the invite. While it's not as big as my Elfen Lied one yet, I'm sure it will grow to a decent size.
  2. kenjiharima
    2009-06-19 17:48
    Sure! Iam an Azumanga fan and Yotsuba&! fan also.
  3. ACSephiroth
    2009-06-19 14:41
    Hey Kenji, I recall seeing that Sakaki picture on one of your albums and I was wondering if you wanted to join my newly created Azumanga Diaoh! club? Also can you recommend some people that I should invite into this new club?
  4. kenjiharima
    2009-03-06 07:35
    good luck with your homework. And thanks
  5. ACSephiroth
    2009-03-06 00:05
    Oh I hope you get better soon! I been really busy with studying for midterms and I am going to Colorado for Spring Break, though I have to do homework even there
  6. kenjiharima
    2009-03-05 22:11
    no I haven't read the manga in full yet. I only seen a few of the first chapters. Iam sick now btw got the flu. PM the links, I was curious about Lucy died and there is a copy of her.
  7. ACSephiroth
    2009-03-05 09:30
    Hey Kenji, I was curious enough to ask have you ever read the Elfen Lied Manga yet? If you want I can PM you the site where I read them, and I now have found the specials made by the manga author.

    Oh and I remembered that I am making a Fallout 3 Lucy Character. If you can, can you give me advice on what stats and perks I should make for her?
  8. kenjiharima
    2009-01-05 03:20
    no problem.
  9. ACSephiroth
    2009-01-04 19:51
    Edit Message: I meant to post this message on the Elfen Lied fan club. I just got back from Florida so I am still tired so forgive me on this error.
  10. ACSephiroth
    2008-11-15 11:44
    I forgot to mention that I have the special Manga of Elfen Lied where Nana accidently buys some sake and everyone gets drunk. If you want me to I can send you the images via PM.

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