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Conversation Between kenjiharima and lonewolf777
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  1. lonewolf777
    2008-12-23 23:04
    Yeah, but usually when someone gets left for someone else, they get over the person who left them. I don't know why Kenji didn't.... he's still on Tenma even when she left him...... low self esteem anyone?
  2. kenjiharima
    2008-12-23 20:55
    one reason the author KJ tries to balance out everything. Which lead that Harima still likes Tenma though he ended up with Karasuma and Eri and Yakumo are just friends.
  3. lonewolf777
    2008-12-23 17:09
    Yeah..... but there has to be that instance once or twice in the course of the series where he's slightly alert and attentive... at least enough to tell that Yakumo is trying to tell him he loves her. Why would she look so emotional if she was trying to express her love for manga? *rollseyes* Here's to real confessions from her and Eri in SRZ.
  4. kenjiharima
    2008-12-23 04:34
    he's just dense.
  5. lonewolf777
    2008-12-22 20:02
    Yeah. And also because he saw that she wasn't just a shallow pretty girl who got everything she wanted, but that she was actually kinda like him, and that there was more to her. What annoys me (and it annoyed Eri too, of course) is that even when she was nice, he was still mean, and he was always nicer to Tenma, even when there was nothing to it.
    As for Yakumo..... ACK. 'I LOVE.... *hugs Kenji*'.... oh, you love anime? Awesome!
    T____T; what the hell was that?
  6. kenjiharima
    2008-12-22 03:40
    well one reason why Harima is not or doesn't feel Eri's feelings to the fullest is that because hes a delinquent that knows fists can talk better, one reason why Harima listened to Eri since he was slapped multiple times another is that she at treats him badly. To bad for Yakumo he see's her as a friend only. Misunderstandings and foul ups always follows Kenji and his love interest.
  7. lonewolf777
    2008-12-22 02:26
    BTW, the aww... is exactly how I felt. I also felt that way seeing Kenji-kun cry when he thought Eri ripped his manga. *sigh* I know the misunderstandings are supposed to add to the humor, but more often than not, they just make it frustratingly sad.
  8. lonewolf777
    2008-12-22 02:24
    Yeah. But beneath that pride she's really sweet and vulnerable. That was evident whenever she tried to get close to Kenji, like when she asked him out for Oysters, not to mention when she found him beat up at the finale. More exposure to that on Kenji's part could change that, though....... which is what I'm hoping for.
  9. kenjiharima
    2008-12-22 02:05
    Eri's pride hinders the relationship. Yakumo was misunderstood. Aw...
  10. lonewolf777
    2008-12-22 00:22
    Yeah. And because they didn't properly confess, I can't accept that as being it. His confronting Eri about her feelings when he found out about it was an implication, but I wonder how he'd react if Yakumo made a real confession and he actually understood. It would give him some time to think, I think, and give him some perspective on who really cared about him.

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