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Conversation Between WanderingKnight and Mystique
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  1. WanderingKnight
    2009-05-03 02:32
    Yeah, I was kinda bummed about the Japanese Culture thread, since I really enjoy discussing things like that... though sometimes I feel people have a different outlook on discussions than me. I don't see it as a fight at all, but... *shrug*

    Either way, it's not the first time I've got a whole discussion deleted
  2. Mystique
    2009-05-02 23:59
    I was saying this to Vexx earlier from the jp culture thread:
    *snaps her fingers*
    Hours spent writing posts today, it's the first piece of debating I've been excited for and engaged in a long long while and it all gets wiped. xD
    (I knew we were riding on the edge, esp with the last few posts though) but Xris went as far as to wipe it as far as HyugaNeji's post of his thoughts in regards to child like porn and the festivals. :\
    *now retires back to the sidelines of lurksville since peace decends in the GC forum once again*

    In which he replied and i replied by flooding this profile wall xD
    The matter hadn't quite ended for me but I think I'm done now

    As for the House reference, i find that it's a random scene from 1 ep of all things, lol.
    Kinda interesting how it stuck in ur mind, but then given your current avvy
    - The internet is just another extention as a source of info. Sadly more unreliable and creditable than textbooks which have to go through rigid checks (typically) but Wiki is just an encyclopedia but placed online now instead of split between 26 volumes.

    Humans are also getting lazier and typing in searches and getting instant results. However if a person is paranoid, they're paranoid.
    Before they may have printed notes from written articles or newspaper clippings, now its a print out from the net, but it's still the media, no?

    But I guess in that sense, "the internet really does bring the idiots out of the woodwork."
    And sometimes, they even get their own subscribed channels and rewarded for it...
  3. WanderingKnight
    2009-05-02 02:54
    Short summary of one of House's very first clinic patients (the "boring" ones), the only thing I could find by Googling, so no YouTube:

    "A hypochondriac who believes he has chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, two diseases he found out about on the Internet. House pretends to order Vicodin for the fibromyalgia, but he pockets the real pills and replaces them with candy from the vending machine. At the end of the episode, Molnar returns for a refill, so House asks Wilson for change to buy more vending machine candy."

    The guy's attitude really sums up the reaction the media are hoping to get out of people. And sadly, a lot of people fall into it.

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