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Conversation Between kct and RadiantBeam
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  1. kct
    2009-12-20 00:13
    That is NOT how one write modern vampires.
  2. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-20 00:12
    I'm a girl and I absolutely despise the saga. I only read it out of boredom and wanted to rant on it knowing the material, and my friends took me to see the movies with them.
  3. kct
    2009-12-20 00:10
    Know about it, know some friends who was 'forced' by their girl-friends to watch the movie. Horror ensues.
  4. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-20 00:08
    I READ THE BOOKS, SAW THE SPARKLE AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE. It was horrible, I tell you. Just horrible.
  5. kct
    2009-12-20 00:03
    Basically...yeah, you can say that. I DON'T WATCH TWILIGHT BY THE WAY.
  6. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-20 00:01
    So Amane is basically like Edward from the Twilight saga? She uses her sparkles to hide her bland personality?
  7. kct
    2009-12-19 23:58
    Hikari has been blinded by the sparkles. Nothing can save her anymore from the entrapment into Amane's harem.
  8. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-19 23:54
    How did she get Hikari to keep her secret? The penis would have been pretty obvious in the barn scene when her memory came back.
  9. kct
    2009-12-19 23:52
    I think she is. She must be a freaking troll if she did that the whole time without being noticed by the authorities.
  10. RadiantBeam
    2009-12-19 23:51
    WHAT IF SHE'D BEEN A CROSSDRESSING DUDE THE WHOLE TIME? That would have brought the drama up to, like, eleven.

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