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Conversation Between aohige and Estavali
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  1. Estavali
    2013-11-10 11:50
    Well, color me surprised. But after finding this image:
    Spoiler for Haraguro Megami:

    ... suddenly everything looks just as planned
  2. aohige
    2013-11-09 13:04
    Aha! I knew it!
    I saw the plot summary of Log Horizon anime up through episode 10.

    The "Haraguro Megane" episode 8 indeed was the Marie/Umeko meeting with the big three.
    I told you so!
  3. Estavali
    2013-11-04 20:09
    At least we won't be using Earthlings any more
  4. aohige
    2013-11-04 15:24
    Oh, and Lander it is. Confirmed, chapter 55.
    Will spread the good word.
  5. Estavali
    2013-11-04 12:53
    Ack, I see >_<

    I made some changes at danbooru regarding this. Gotta go back and change 'em back >_>
  6. aohige
    2013-11-04 12:33
    Nah Misa is confirmed. It's a pun of reading it like a name but spelling major.
  7. Estavali
    2013-11-04 11:35
    And Mamare just introduced 太公望 as a subclass for one of the characters that he had came up with for the Taiwan region =3
  8. Estavali
    2013-11-04 11:32
    Also, I think 高山三佐 is probably read as Major Takayama, since 三佐 = Major in the JSDF =3
  9. Estavali
    2013-11-04 11:28
    Hmmm, I just took a peek at volume seven (six was exciting btw =3) and noticed that Mamare used ランダー (Lander) for 大地人. I guess that's more or less an official confirmation on how he wants it to read in English?

    Quote for reference:
    「ここに来れば上等の酒が飲めるってだけじゃないのか? 〈大地人〉ランダー」

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