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Conversation Between u43368 and mokoi
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  1. u43368
    2008-12-03 01:25
    So, which alignment are you picking in SMT online? Chaos all the way! Louis Cypher ftw!
  2. u43368
    2008-11-22 22:30
    Flower head girl looks like she belongs in a damn disgaya game.
  3. mokoi
    2008-11-21 05:45
    Plus that one character with that flower on the head...that just dumb.
  4. mokoi
    2008-11-21 05:15
    My biggest problem with Devil survivor is that the character art seems to generic. It lacks direction and style...which is sad because KK is doing the monster design, It wouldn't be that hard for him to do the characters either he did it for the older games.
  5. u43368
    2008-11-20 23:29
    Holy crap did you see the new scans of Devil Survivor?! It's like Atlus is trying to kill the megaten games. At least the gameplay looks decent.
  6. u43368
    2008-11-19 16:02
    Yes, but I need a new one by now.
  7. mokoi
    2008-11-19 01:22
    Hey man, nice avatar and profile picture you got there.
  8. u43368
    2008-05-30 22:10
    Heyyyy mokooooooi

    Hoooowwww iiiiiiit goooooing?

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