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Conversation Between Kyero Fox and Eragon
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  1. Kyero Fox
    2015-01-15 00:06
    Kyero Fox
    Oh and the "Nice Avatar" Comment was a short version of "Must really have hoped for this pairing."
  2. Kyero Fox
    2015-01-15 00:01
    Kyero Fox
    Woah woah woah, did I say I disapproved of it? I'm just very skeptic that they'd do this for any other reason than for more views or what ever. I like korra, I don't watch the show but I've researched a bit on the relationships when I was bored. It just honestly felt... from what i have read, to be a bit fishy of a ... not sure what they'd call it when writers would change something to get better views, merchandise sells ...etc

    I shoulda said "It feels like they just hashed it in for money" Anyway I really have no problem with it. I'm just always smelling fish I guess. lol

    But onto the assumption I don't like female characters at all. My fuckin first inquisitor and hawke were female. I main Shiek and Samus in Super Smash. Samus is also one of my top favorite fictional characters next to Selvaria Bles, Hildegard Van Krone, Yuki and Leo from Dog Days and countless waifu's who are all bad asses and not sissy girly stereotypes.

    Just because I dislike Lightning with every fiber of my being because she's a terribly Cloud clone with 0 personality and redeemable qualities or Disliked Bayonetta's first game look doesn't mean I don't like the entire gender in terms of characters or WHAT EVER. I actually LOVE the new bayo look.
  3. Eragon
    2015-01-14 21:59
    And you felt the need to inform me about your dislike for it why exactly ? Look, I get you don't like women or lesbians (as characters, don't know about people) - your posts on this forum are pretty clear about that - but, this is ridiculous!

    Regardless of what you think, the show is owned by Nick. Showing any kind of affection between Asami and Korra before the finale would resulted in the show getting axed immediately. They already pulled it from air for showing a character death, Bryke were not going to risk getting the show cancelled as well. Sure it would have been good if their relationship had more development but, it wasn't gonna happen on a kids show, sadly. They dropped enough hints throughout season 3 and 4. But, people like you will just brush that off as them being "friends" like always so, I ain't gonna waste my breath. Bryke wanted that ending so they wrote it.

    They aren't even lesbians, they are bisexual. And contrary to what you think representation like that gives young non-heterosexual people reassurance that they are normal like everyone else. Regardless of whether Bryke did it for viewers or controversy (lol, what controversy ? They are getting nothing but praise for their decision) they still did something that is meaningful and that made a lot of people happy.
  4. Kyero Fox
    2015-01-14 08:10
    Kyero Fox
    Nice Avatar lol, when ever I see it I can't help but imagine they only did it to boost viewers and get controversy. I mean all that build up with the other guys and they just throw that into the fire without a hint? Plus think if it was Aang. Does anyone honestly believe the creators would make a GAY couple? Hahah no... It's safer and more rewarding for lesbianism. I think they just hashed it in for money.
  5. Kyero Fox
    2013-01-03 14:45
    Kyero Fox
    The sig is two parts. The animated parr is prob messed up on your end.
  6. Eragon
    2013-01-03 14:17
    Is it just me or is half your sig not visible?
  7. Eragon
    2012-12-26 10:33
    9 - for yours. Extra points for the matching sig. GodLike sure has skill with animated sigs
  8. Kyero Fox
    2012-12-26 08:56
    Kyero Fox
    Then everyone probably already rated it. Its a 8/10 easy for me since its kenpachi.
  9. Eragon
    2012-12-26 08:30
    Yes, I had.
  10. Kyero Fox
    2012-12-26 08:01
    Kyero Fox
    Ooooh, woops... right... avatars ._.

    Didn't you have that avatar for a long time tho?

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