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Conversation Between Kyero Fox and DingoEnderZOE2
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  1. DingoEnderZOE2
    2012-06-22 23:22
    Yes I have played God hand. It wasn't a bad game at all.
  2. Kyero Fox
    2012-06-22 00:05
    Kyero Fox
    have you played God Hand?
  3. Kyero Fox
    2012-05-19 22:21
    Kyero Fox
    Speaking of Ibuki, its ironic that her name means "breath" but she always wears that mask which would obviously make it a little difficult to "breath"
  4. Kyero Fox
    2012-05-19 21:42
    Kyero Fox
    Delete what you posted. I'm going to explain it to you as clearly as I can.

    Love - Fully Clothed Outfits -
    Like - Not overly done fanservice outfits. showing some skin/cleavage etc like Taki
    Dislike Overly sexualized whore outfits like Ivy from Soul Calibur
    Hate - Bikini armor
  5. Kyero Fox
    2012-05-19 20:48
    Kyero Fox
    I'm gonna give it a chance, the newest game informer says its okay from what they played. I hated Bayonetta because of her attitude and her fetishized look.
  6. DingoEnderZOE2
    2012-05-19 20:28
    Hmmm my apologies then, with your posting history as far as the subject goes your words tends to be misleading(I recall you didn't like Bayonetta,something I thought was Blasphemy for someone who liked DMC), hence why I flat out questioned what you had against fanservice. no harm no foul then. I still think you were insane for strongly being supportive of DMC5 at one point though. ^_^
  7. Kyero Fox
    2012-05-19 19:51
    Kyero Fox
    I don't dislike fanservice or female leads, hell i love a lot of them. like Samus that i mentioned.

    I just truely wanted to know if there is a female ninja out there that's covered completely with exception of arms and face. I love Ibuki and Ayane, and the one i mentioned in the post.

    I wish people would stop mistaking my intentions.
  8. Kyero Fox
    2011-05-09 17:41
    Kyero Fox
    not a garrus fan? XD
  9. Kyero Fox
    2010-12-09 22:13
    Kyero Fox
    /facepalm are you kiddin? I knew about games prob before you XD

    I've always thought girls in games are too commonly dressed too revealing.
  10. Kyero Fox
    2010-09-30 11:37
    Kyero Fox
    dead rising 2, for xbox? if so my Gamer tag is Kyero Fox, hit me up so we can hit up some zombies XD

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