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Conversation Between Kyero Fox and X207
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  1. Kyero Fox
    2008-07-02 11:02
    Kyero Fox
    oh lol, anyways Im bored XD I also thought up Kyero's parents, his father is a Ifrit and his mom is unknown because she died when kyero was born... Kyero finds out while fighting his father to get promission to marry Mizore that he killed his mom because she was human.
  2. Kyero Fox
    2008-07-02 07:11
    Kyero Fox
    um >_> I didn't even start mine hehehe ^_^;;
  3. Kyero Fox
    2008-06-30 18:37
    Kyero Fox
    Kyero's FInishing Quote is "ITs Show time!" then he does his Erupting Burning Finger move :P

    "This Burning Heart of mine is Erupting with Feelings, Their Flaming Screams Tell me to win!... Erupting Burning Finger!"
  4. Kyero Fox
    2008-06-25 11:12
    Kyero Fox
    yes but Kyero is American, so he uses Miss or Mr etc

    he calls Mizore "Mizore-san" or w.e it is u use to be more romantic.
  5. X207
    2008-06-03 11:59
    actually in the end he will be the source of some comedy, though not like a clutz or a dim witted person. its more like how gin is usually shoved to the sidelines and get git by friendly fire. im probably gonna have him dislike kurumu bc she's a succubus. if this hyrbrid is as strongas it should be,then they might have some conflict with other flying humanoids. im planning for him to be central to dealing with kurumu in the end and getting him off mizore's back. it would be more like a twist of fate that he comes there for mizore but in the end gets stuck with kurumu. would that be ok with you?
  6. X207
    2008-06-03 09:47
    on second thought, is it ok if kyeru becomes a source for comedy ie something similar to gin the wolf?
  7. X207
    2008-06-03 09:43
    i found a way to put kyero in the fanfic. though i'll leave his role as a surprise. can you describe how kyero's personality is like? is he friendly with other students, does he talk alot in general? how does he get along with the others in tsukune's group? its stuff like that i'd like to know as i dont want to accidentally contradict his behaviour in your fanfic. you dont need to mention his relationship with kurumu, those two will hate each other but will tolerate it. they'll has a status quo realtionship even if they hate each other bc they still care for mizore.

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