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Conversation Between Kyero Fox and james0246
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  1. Kyero Fox
    2015-06-16 15:35
    Kyero Fox
    Hmm... Not sure what i've been disdain about.
  2. james0246
    2015-06-16 12:09
    I've noticed you've mentioned a certain...not necessarily disdain, but definitely a ribbing of 'political correctness' in various threads over the years. So when I saw the phrase "pc mod", I thought you were actually talking about me (I'm a mod acting too 'pc'). It was probably an overreaction on my part (and it turned out to be a misunderstanding of context), but I wanted to clarify the point, thus my response.
  3. Kyero Fox
    2015-06-16 10:37
    Kyero Fox
    Curious tho what you mean by me talking about PC on other threads.
  4. Kyero Fox
    2015-06-16 10:36
    Kyero Fox
    Ah, all is cool then. Heh
  5. james0246
    2015-06-16 07:34
    Lol, I misunderstood a phrase you used, Irenicus corrected me, I explained my reasoning (for my misunderstanding). End of story. Relax, no one is "picking on you."
  6. Kyero Fox
    2015-06-16 07:18
    Kyero Fox
    Seriously, is there a problem?
  7. Kyero Fox
    2015-06-03 09:25
    Kyero Fox
    Could you change the Fallout 4 Title to Fallout 4 - War Never Changes please?
  8. james0246
    2012-11-19 20:35
    I have no idea either, but you post was worded in such a way that I was not sure if you were talking from experience or not.
  9. Kyero Fox
    2012-11-19 18:31
    Kyero Fox
    I was hinting something from the comic? O_o i had no idea
  10. Kyero Fox
    2012-08-09 15:19
    Kyero Fox
    Heh, Typing on my cell phone is a pain, plus the voice texting likes to screw up thanks to the wind. But thanks, you also countered the derep for that same thing. XD

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