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Conversation Between Kyero Fox and monir
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  1. monir
    2013-01-26 23:12
  2. Kyero Fox
    2013-01-26 09:23
    Kyero Fox
    Tis it possible for you to change the title of my topic Metal Gear solid: Rising to Metal Gear Rising: Revengence! ?
  3. monir
    2012-09-27 23:17
    2nd season of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
  4. Kyero Fox
    2012-09-24 15:35
    Kyero Fox
    lol what is your sig froM? XD
  5. monir
    2012-07-15 22:39
    Thanks! It's from the 2nd season of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka.
  6. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-15 14:10
    Kyero Fox
    What... the fuck XD

    funny avy
  7. monir
    2010-06-02 00:36
    That surely would have been an interesting turn of event.
  8. Kyero Fox
    2010-06-02 00:21
    Kyero Fox
    Coulda went like this.

    Yamma: "I wont go as easy as I did to your fraccions"
    Helibel: "Thats fine by me, I'll make you p-" *gets cooked into dust*
    Yamma: "Looks like I didnt have to go all out after all" *returns to watching aizen's fire prison*
  9. monir
    2010-06-02 00:18
    I was hoping for that too.
  10. Kyero Fox
    2010-06-02 00:16
    Kyero Fox
    I do wish Helibel would fall to Old man fire instead of her fate.

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