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Conversation Between Dark Faith and Haiprbim
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  1. Haiprbim
    2013-10-04 11:28
    Code Geass got me in. xD
    In any way, I'm more of a MAL user myself now, will just be checking on AS on every so.
  2. Dark Faith
    2013-10-04 08:41
    Dark Faith
    And now a C.C fan, I see
  3. Dark Faith
    2013-07-07 17:14
    Dark Faith
    Me? Lazy? Now where did you get such an idea from! Though it doesn't help that I'm currently laying down in bed with my laptop, marathoning "Kobato."

    Ahhh-- I am indeed lazy
  4. Haiprbim
    2013-07-07 14:32
    You're so lazy, dude!
    We haven't had a chat in a long time.
  5. Haiprbim
    2013-05-10 11:12
    Yeah, I can't stop looking, haha.
    Kind of teasing at the same time, too. xD
  6. Dark Faith
    2013-05-10 10:47
    Dark Faith
    Mesmerizing, isn't it?
  7. Haiprbim
    2013-05-10 10:46
    Your Avatar: Shake it, shake it! =P
  8. Dark Faith
    2013-02-03 15:49
    Dark Faith
    I'm nice? Darn, guess I haven't been trying hard enough

    Using some delicious copypasta from the message I sent Sumeragi about my signature, hope you don't mind:
    Signature's a little snip from a manga called "World Embryo". It's mostly a serious (and dark) work, but sometimes it manages to make me laugh. Haven't read it in a few months though, I felt the chapters were coming out too slowly so I'm on a self imposed hiatus until I have plenty of things to read.
  9. Haiprbim
    2013-02-03 13:30
    I actually want to know the same thing as Sumeragi. :D

    Also, you seem like a really nice person, so Hi there!

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