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Conversation Between White Manju Bun and Riker
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  1. Riker
    2008-08-24 21:26
    Hey Manju, have you seen this video before?
  2. Riker
    2008-06-17 02:29
    Thankies! ^^
  3. White Manju Bun
    2008-06-16 19:49
    White Manju Bun
    Happy Birthday!!
  4. White Manju Bun
    2008-06-05 13:28
    White Manju Bun
    Riker: XD ah the things we do out of boredom honestly Im surprised my profile has had that many visits.
  5. Riker
    2008-06-05 13:13
    I'm sorry, I was bored. D:

    555 visits
  6. White Manju Bun
    2008-06-03 22:40
    White Manju Bun
    ooo I hadnt seen that GH vid before, thanks!
  7. Riker
    2008-06-03 18:12
    Ghost Hunt Caipirinha

    I also found a Ghost Hunt Yatta vid, but I think I'll spare your eyes. :3
  8. White Manju Bun
    2008-05-29 16:44
    White Manju Bun
    Why yes it is rude :P so not telling XD
  9. Riker
    2008-05-29 15:19
    Isn't it rude to ask a lady her age? D:

    (Wants to know too)
  10. White Manju Bun
    2008-05-29 13:02
    White Manju Bun
    Thanks for the bday wish Riker ^_^

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