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Conversation Between White Manju Bun and LKK
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  1. LKK
    2009-04-28 17:46
    Come join Arawn's harem. You know deep down you wanna.
  2. White Manju Bun
    2009-04-28 17:40
    White Manju Bun
    Gah you and Shiro arent helping Resisting the demon lord is hard...epsc after the icons that Hakuryu made for my req...
  3. LKK
    2009-04-28 15:19
    Succumb. How can anyone resist a demon lord? There must be a law against that somewhere.
  4. White Manju Bun
    2009-04-28 12:00
    White Manju Bun
    nnnn Arawn-sama is slowing trying to take my icon spot away from Stein-hakase
  5. LKK
    2009-04-26 10:10
    No, I was genuinely curious because I think it says a lot about the SOTM participants' tastes. I would also very much like to know the gender ratio of the usual SOTM participants. I suspect there are more guys than girls who enter SOTM on a regular basis. But there's no good way to prove that.
  6. White Manju Bun
    2009-04-25 17:01
    White Manju Bun
    LOL were you bored when you decided to see just how many categories were used for SOTM
  7. LKK
    2009-04-24 18:17
    *stares at your icon* O_O
    A like how the icon turned out. And it was such a simple crop & some saturation enhancement. Not as in love with the sig though.

    Ahem...Im jealous of Sage's entry in SOTM, she did animation!
    Sage's entry this month is awesome. I like the fact that her clock doesn't run smoothly actually. It fits the PH atmosphere. I should tell her that, now that I think of it.
  8. White Manju Bun
    2009-04-24 17:15
    White Manju Bun
    *stares at your icon* O_O

    Ahem...Im jealous of Sage's entry in SOTM, she did animation!
  9. LKK
    2009-04-23 11:45
    Poor Arwan. All those girls throwing themselves at him. What's a demon king to do? LOL (Actually, Morgan's over-eagerness throws me off. So I understand his reaction to a degree.)
  10. White Manju Bun
    2009-04-23 11:40
    White Manju Bun
    That and Arawn's ever growing harem He looked so thrilled when Morgan said she's be with him forever while hugging his leg He's def my fav character as well, I might make icons from epi 3.

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