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Conversation Between Qpax and Malkuth
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  1. Qpax
    2011-06-19 05:31
    Enjoy by Mayushi's Ultimate Brainwashing Technique! ;3
  2. Qpax
    2011-06-19 04:49
    I'm sorry for giving wrong meaning in my explanation. The original song name is "Volevo Un Gatto Nero" and composed by Italian musican named Francesco Pagano. So in this sense it can ben translated as "I wanted a black cat" into English. Later Japanese musicans adapted this song into their language as "Black Cat Tango" with unique lyrics so even though lyrics are different than original Italian version, I prefer Japanese version more since it sounds more adorable and good. Lyrics are also so good and meaningful and better than original Italian version :3
    Here is the lyrics of the song along with its translation if you like:
    In short your Japanese is totally fine and it seems better than mine ^^''
    It was my fault for not being clear when I tried to explain you what was the meaning of this Japanese words ;-;''
    And yeah I hope they make long TV adaptation of Norageki so that we can also look at the background stories of characters in this show. It was short but well presented so I loved it because of its unique style. Normally I don't like 3D shows but story of this series make up with that handicap so there is no problem^^''
    *puts tea [♨]ↄ and cookies ◉ on a table*
    Enjoy~ ^-^ ''
  3. Malkuth
    2011-06-18 16:11
    >> Well it actually means "I wanted a black cat"

    Eh? doesn't it mean "Tango of the Black Cat" or "The Words of the Black Cat"... or my japanese are way worse than I thought

    Anyway, the italian version was horrible But the Noriko Mitose version was very good, especially the violin was amazing, transformed a crappy child song to a wonderful track... oh and that nyan at the end... couldn't stop laughing. By the way, nice selection of tracks you have in your channel, turkish kappa-chan studying engineering in Japan (interesting combination there)

    Norageki looked good, or rather innovtive, but story-wise... well it was 20 minutes :/
  4. Qpax
    2011-06-18 15:12
    Well it actually means "I wanted a black cat" and is all about Italian children song. I wonder if you still remember this show but Elmo, from Sesamgade, sang the Danish translation of this song "Min kat den danser tango" ("My cat dances tango") and it was really cool and all. Recently I heard this song in ending theme of this short anime OVA called Norageki and I really like it. Here is a actual song but sung by different singer and if you still havent watched Norageki, though its 3D show, I really recommend you to watch it since it has interesting plot and setting =) and this is original Italian song
    Pretty fun isnt it =^^=
  5. Malkuth
    2011-06-16 20:20
    What is Kuroneko no Tango

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