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Conversation Between primuler and gisenm
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  1. gisenm
    2009-08-12 04:54
    oh... now i see.. then you changed school before graduating and then went to another one but your actuall skill was higher than that, that was the reason u didnt graduate because, you just jumped from elementary to the next step. ?? xD Hint, btw thx for the tips i will correct that :P
  2. primuler
    2009-08-11 20:03
    Why does everyone think that I dropped out of school? I lead a normal life like everyone else. I've attended elementary school, I've attended middleschool and I'm currently
    going to highschool. And I was absent in school only twice in my life so far. Once, because the plane to home got delayed. Another, because the school phoned my parents that I should get a day off as I looked as if I was going to kick the bucket.
    Hint? I'm Asian, and I once attended European school.
  3. gisenm
    2009-08-11 07:10
    because you didn't want to graduate? and you said something like, o well school is not the best thing in my life.... ill try anime and manga. btw can you give me some advice in some draws i did? :P, P.S. another hint? xD
  4. primuler
    2009-08-08 20:37
    Not really.
  5. gisenm
    2009-08-08 20:11
    Because you wanted to ask this question in the forums in a near future?

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