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Conversation Between toxic_trance and Aoie_Emesai
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  1. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-02-25 02:30
    Not bad, TT.

    Out of 109 members, I went and counted those that have submitted a drawing once and i've counted 19 active members
  2. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-02-01 00:54
    Yeah. But i think if the votes come to a tie, this might be the best choice.
  3. toxic_trance
    2009-02-01 00:30
    Seems like we wont need it.. Managed to win by one vote ^^
  4. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-02-01 00:21

    From your choices. I think #2 would be the best.

    Allow extra voting time.
  5. toxic_trance
    2009-01-31 18:33
    Yo Aoie... the Voting Phase II will come to an end in another one hour or so. With few more votes, it might end up in a tie. So just want you to decide on how decision will be made. I think we have 3 choices
    i) Decision based on Voting Phase I (Doing this though gives the one at the top of the 1st phase an edge from the start)
    ii) Extra time for voting, (but that would just delay the Feb Contest and then the final verdict would be more by luck)
    iii) Declare the tied up artists as joint winners... the Win all situation

    Think bout it

    bai bai
  6. toxic_trance
    2008-08-19 00:43
    Yo... didnt know you were an engineer. Infact the other person who ll be going with me to Malayasia, turns out to be a Civil Engineer too.

    And yes, I m not that much into Design. I just wanna go to places and meet a lot of people, so I m into Operations.

    What bout u??? Which year are you in and are u workin on any interesting project??

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