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Conversation Between toxic_trance and HayashiTakara
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  1. toxic_trance
    2009-03-11 04:01
    I need to buy them. the ones the ysell close by suck. And I dont have time unfortunately to go to shops which sell good ones. I plan to buy nice ones soon though
  2. HayashiTakara
    2009-03-09 16:51
    Hey bud, how about using Color Pencils? Prism makes some really high quality color pencils.
  3. HayashiTakara
    2009-03-01 03:00
    woo... I won, thanks
    Don't worry, I have a good one. But, I think it might shy away a lot of people.
  4. toxic_trance
    2009-03-01 02:34
    Hey... so u did win the Feb competition


    But I doubt this was a victory which got handed over easily to u

    Neway, seeing your work this month, you have improved a lot in drawing characters. Seems like so many months off and practicing has really paid of

    Best of luck for next month... decide on a good theme ^^. I ll try participating in March
  5. HayashiTakara
    2009-02-03 05:23
    heh, I see. Well, I hope you find yourself a suitable partner.
  6. toxic_trance
    2009-02-02 07:52
    hehe..true... that since i dont will be a toughie... but to challenge myself is the reason I chose this topic. Plus, this time Joint submission is allowed. So that people like me do have some ray of hope in the worst case scenario
  7. HayashiTakara
    2009-02-02 02:00
    lol, we'll see, we'll see.

    This theme is going to be difficult for those who don't colorize... speaking of which, will you be ok?
  8. toxic_trance
    2009-02-01 20:40
    Turns out that it is favorite of a lot of i think I have handed victory to more than one person

    And if that is the case... I am looking forward to a good competition ^^
  9. HayashiTakara
    2009-02-01 20:00
    lol, Pink? I think you just handed me the next win. Pink is one of my favorite colors to work with.
  10. toxic_trance
    2009-02-01 19:40
    Hello Hayashi! this is Toxic, and I m proud to bring you the February - Artwork of The Month ^^


    a) Your pic shall have shades of ONLY PINK, BLACK and WHITE. Gray tones are allowed too.
    b) JOINT SUBMISSION IS ALLOWED. Thus not Artist but Artwork of the month
    c) The Usual Rules :

    Submission Phase : 2nd Feb (Mon) to 20th Feb (Fri)
    Voting phase I : 21st Feb (Sat) to 24th Feb (Tue)
    Voting Phase II : 25th Feb (Wed) to 28th Feb (Sat)

    Discussion and Submission Thread :

    Hope to see u there ^^

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