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Conversation Between toxic_trance and Sagasu
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  1. Sagasu
    2009-03-11 13:48
    Checked out this Rahxephon on google, and yeah, they look kinda similar ^_^
    Thanks anyway ;P
  2. toxic_trance
    2009-03-07 10:38
    Very nice pic

    Reminds me of Rahxephon. The whole series was based on a similar pic

    Neway.. love the color choices and execution.. cant wait to see the final version
  3. toxic_trance
    2009-02-01 20:59
    Hello Sagasu! this is Toxic, and I m proud to bring you the February - Artwork of The Month ^^


    a) Your pic shall have shades of ONLY PINK, BLACK and WHITE. Gray tones are allowed too.
    b) JOINT SUBMISSION IS ALLOWED. Thus not Artist but Artwork of the month
    c) The Usual Rules :

    Submission Phase : 2nd Feb (Mon) to 20th Feb (Fri)
    Voting phase I : 21st Feb (Sat) to 24th Feb (Tue)
    Voting Phase II : 25th Feb (Wed) to 28th Feb (Sat)

    Discussion and Submission Thread :

    Hope to see u there ^^
  4. toxic_trance
    2009-02-01 17:18
    Yup.... the competition was truly neck to neck. In the end it was a matter of luck I guess.

    For once... luck sided me
  5. toxic_trance
    2009-01-25 04:55
    Yo..this is toxic
    Voting Phase I ends tomorrow. And since voting is less... I was hoping atleast for the participants to vote >.<

    Since I m in hurry... I m keeping the message short
    Cya n best of luck
  6. toxic_trance
    2009-01-03 06:21
    Hi Sagasu, sorry for the late reply..i was away for a couple of days

    Badass girls ... it usually refers to girls whom once you see, you know they could bring down 20 men without a scratch. They have a lot of style and usually a very good figure. '
    Eg: Major from Ghost In The Shell, Revy from black Lagoon
  7. toxic_trance
    2009-01-01 02:33
    Hi Sagasu!! .. the January Artist Competition has begun

    Topic: Badass Girls (by ~toxic_trance - Winner of December Contest)


    January 2nd - January 21st = Submission phase
    January 22nd - January 26th = Voting Phase 1
    January 27th - January 31st = Voting Phase 2

    So, u have lots of time. Try submitting, or encourage others, or vote..whatever be..the point is to have fun

    Rules :
  8. toxic_trance
    2008-12-04 00:02
    Hi!! .. the December Artist Competition has begun

    Topic: Winter Memories (by ~Zhaxra - Winner of November Contest)


    December 2nd - Dec 21st = Submission phase
    December 22nd - Dec 26th = Voting Phase 1
    December 27th - Dec 31st = Voting Phase 2

    So, u have lots of time. Try submitting, or encourage others, or vote..whatever be..the point is to have fun in the final month of this year

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