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Conversation Between jennkei and Malkuth
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  1. Malkuth
    2009-03-30 06:51
    I guess you'll find my reply to your comments more tickling
  2. jennkei
    2009-03-29 23:27
    Haha, not a problem at all -- spread the word, yeah? Great write-up (-drifts over to comment-), and thanks for the link. ^^ (I'm being optimistic, really?! Lol!)
  3. Malkuth
    2009-03-29 20:13
    Hey, I pretty much stole most of the youtube links from your blog for my previews, I hope you don't mind
  4. Malkuth
    2009-01-18 18:00
    >> winter preview caused my firefox to have a seizure

    I should begin splitting these posts in several pages to deal with loading times, but it has to wait until next month's semester break.
  5. jennkei
    2009-01-18 03:10
    Thanks. The slideshows are done by Google's Picasa, and it seems they use flash and strange generated numbers for it. Your site is pretty cool as well, though I think trying to load the videos when I clicked on the winter preview caused my firefox to have a seizure. XD
  6. Malkuth
    2009-01-17 22:38
    Nice site lass!

    A quick question ... do you use flash for the slide show? or some open-source library?

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