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Conversation Between eplipswich and Knightrunner
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  1. eplipswich
    2010-12-22 11:50
    Hey, thanks for the heads up man. I wouldn't have known had you not told me. Watching it now.
  2. Knightrunner
    2010-12-22 11:18
    Have you seen the OVA for Angel Beats yet?
  3. eplipswich
    2010-12-22 10:17
    around 2.5 to 2.75 days. I took one day to finish the whole of 2nd season lol. 1st season i took it slower.
  4. Knightrunner
    2010-12-21 14:01
    How long days did it take you to watch two seasons of Code Geass?
  5. eplipswich
    2010-12-21 09:04
    Code Geass is awesome. Finished it about a few days ago. I regret not watching it when it was airing lol.

    And C.C. is my favourite character, followed by Lelouch. I guess these two are really hands-down the best characters of the series
  6. Knightrunner
    2010-12-20 08:11
    How is code geass? and who is your favorite character?
  7. Knightrunner
    2010-12-10 00:31
    finally found subs
  8. Knightrunner
    2010-12-10 00:16
    Could you link me the subs. the three websites I went to doesn't have subs yet.
  9. Knightrunner
    2010-12-09 23:09
    Thanks for the info.
  10. eplipswich
    2010-12-09 22:56
    UTW subs usually friday evening or night (GMT +8 that is) :0

    Latest time i got from UTW subs was like close to midnight.

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