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Conversation Between Kinematics and Gooral
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  1. Gooral
    2011-08-08 01:01
    About SagaraSouske, well, it is typical of him since that wasn't the only time he used his advantage of knowing Japanese to support his argument knowing perfectly well that the rest has only translations to rely on. and my response to him: And that's the one I could find but not the only one. Chibamonster had the same problem with him (I still have his PM where he said that Sagara argues just to argue).

    I've had my share of discussions with him and he is arguing just to argue after a certain point. E.g., when you pointed out that Rubel wasn't there he had just dismissed it even though it was his strongest point actually. In the end his whole deduction (don't know a better word) is based on a different and far-fetched interpretation of Dae's words. BTW, have you read the edited part? Don't you think that Dae confirming MiB's response doesn't make sense when we take into account what the question was (in SS's version)?

    As for your reply in 107th thread, I agree with your overall conclusion (that Miria is a solid #2) and since I don't have time to go into detail I'll leave it at that for now. But I should post a reply sooner or later.

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