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Conversation Between Dop and Shiroth
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  1. Shiroth
    2010-02-15 17:20
    Nice nice, i thought so. Shall wait for the boxsets to arrive, so i can make the avatars. Thanks a lot for the help Dop.
  2. Dop
    2010-02-15 14:54
    It's definitely from that episode, yes, episode 2 of ...The Natural, I think, when they're on the treasure hunt.
  3. Shiroth
    2010-02-14 15:01
    That's the one! Do you remember which episode it was from (if i remember correctly, it's from the episode at the coffee shop, where they meet the owner)? Want to see if i can get an avatar made out of it. The one you have is great, though i just wanna see if i can slow now the speed a bit.

    Thanks a lot.
  4. Dop
    2010-02-14 12:13
    I managed to dig it out, it's here:-
  5. Shiroth
    2010-02-11 13:33
    Hey Dop, i was just wondering if you still have your Akari avatar with her holding the cup of tea?
  6. Shiroth
    2009-10-11 12:01
    I knew you were from UK before this, though if i didn't know already i would have after you mentioned drinking tea.

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