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Conversation Between LoweGear and Kyero Fox
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  1. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-07 13:07
    Kyero Fox
    Yuri fanservice haha, while I'm okay if the squirl girl does some yuri funny stuff. Don't do anything big with it, like make Leo a lesbian or Sink's cousin.
  2. LoweGear
    2012-07-07 12:17
    What fears would that be? XD
  3. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-07 11:36
    Kyero Fox
    SO how was the first episode? anything I feared? lol
  4. Kyero Fox
    2012-07-05 13:49
    Kyero Fox
    Heh, I would have no problem with the overwhelming more pictures of femshep if the "Femshep is bestshep" bull shit.
  5. Kyero Fox
    2012-06-01 15:30
    Kyero Fox
    Oh you lol

    I just don't fear of being anything but a sister to her. I just don't understand how people see what is not there lol
  6. LoweGear
    2012-06-01 15:14
    Why should I?
  7. Kyero Fox
    2012-05-31 15:45
    Kyero Fox
    You just can't help your self huh?
  8. Kyero Fox
    2011-04-23 11:16
    Kyero Fox
    *takes aim with his sniper rifle covering the milli and leon picture* "come on, it..."
  9. Kyero Fox
    2011-04-16 11:36
    Kyero Fox
    aaaand here comes the missinterpitations about the dog and cat princesses. =\ guess it will be enivitable.

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