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Conversation Between LoweGear and FieryAeon
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  1. FieryAeon
    2008-10-07 07:44
    Yo Lowe need your opinion on fansubs of G 00 season 2. So far I find gg-bss to be the more accurate of all the current released fansubs. Menclave only has the karaoke effects going for them, and I think they didn't really do all that well translating. What do you think? Would you go for Menclave just for the karaoke effects? Or stick with accurate translation?
  2. FieryAeon
    2008-06-30 22:14
    @jafri: I suggest you refrain from using that kind of language here, especially in someone else's visitor area.
  3. FieryAeon
    2008-06-27 04:57
    Personally I'll be watching Sekirei, ZnT S3, and Koihime Musou; to name a few. Not sure about the others yet. I'd add Slayers Revolution to the list, but to be really honest I've never even watch any of the previous seasons. What about you guys?
  4. FieryAeon
    2008-06-18 22:29
    What have you been smoking C2F? 00 is not really a romance series. lol
    Btw Lowe, since I can't get to irc in the office, I thought I'd post something here.
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