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Conversation Between yezhanquan and shelter
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  1. shelter
    2009-01-25 11:26
    人迎年乐好, 主赐多平安

    And while stuffing your pockets with angpows & filling your stomach with pineapple tarts - God grant you & your family a prosperous, peaceful Lunar New Year!
  2. shelter
    2009-01-14 09:54
    I admire your loyalty to your school. I lost mine in my final year at AC - and no matter how many of my old classmates I meet in uni I can't seem to recover it.

    Good that you have it all planned out too.
  3. yezhanquan
    2009-01-14 08:09
    Nah. This is my 3rd year. Going off with a BA and a minor. To NIE and hopefully back to Chinese High.
  4. shelter
    2009-01-14 07:39
    Claymore pic? That's just a verrry random upload of the stuff I find elsewhere.

    If you're in your last sem, I assume you're doing honours & you're probably working on a F.Y.P or thesis I still have 2 more years to go.
  5. yezhanquan
    2009-01-11 19:06
    Hey, thanks for reading my fic. That was sometime ago. Now, too busy with other stuff (including my last sem in university).

    Oh, and nice pic of the Claymore ladies with suits, though some can lose the specs.
  6. shelter
    2009-01-11 05:39
    Quite by accident I stumbled upon your story "Reason for Being" by joining up a few links on the Livejournal Claymore community & then at Didn't know you were a Claymore fanfic writer with such philosophical quality

    Or at least that's what reading your fic seems to suggest. Afterlife? Endgame? Whoa. Terror betul

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