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Conversation Between LKK and Flower
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  1. Flower
    2017-07-26 23:07
    Hmm ... two story house?

    Can you install an elevator? Or perhaps a pair of escalators! One up and one down! I'm sure that would help.

    Or maybe you could hire some superhuman butlers to carry you up and down the stairs in a chair attached to poles!

    My, my ... the possibilities seem ... quite varied!
  2. LKK
    2017-07-25 08:27
    Sorry to hear about your friend's knees.

    The ortho doc said that I don't need surgery unless my knees get worse. (Unlike my shoulder where the first words out of the other ortho doc's mouth was replacement surgery.) So I asked what would could make my knees worse. Among the things he listed was stair climbing. ... I live in a 2 story house, so that's a concern.

    I'd like to hear the song! I think it would be fun.
  3. Flower
    2017-07-24 23:07
    Knees? Ow ... just so happens I have another close acquaintance who will be needed surgery on BOTH knees soon. Sorry to hear about the pain though ... hopefully things get better for you soon.

    If you like I can send you an mp3 of me singing you a song to cheer you up! XD
  4. LKK
    2017-07-24 09:03
    You overestimate me. Greatly. To be honest, I've only managed to watch 2 episodes of the sword boys show. And that's it so far for this season.

    I've had a miserable July. I went from utter exhaustion at the beginning of the month to nearly destroying my knees mid-month accompanied by constant pain ever since. Watching anime hasn't been high on my list for the past few weeks.

    I do have plans though. I plan to continue with the sword boys. I also want to give ballroom and dive a try. But to be honest, this season doesn't have much for me. Fall looks better. Hopefully by then, I'll be more in the mood.
  5. Flower
    2017-07-23 16:25
    I came to check out which series you were following on your control panel here in the "About Me" tab and ... was foiled yet again!

    I bet there is some sort of secret code involved in how you have arranged it, isn't there! Curses! I am too dumb to figure it out!
  6. Flower
    2017-04-15 19:43
    This sort:

  7. LKK
    2017-04-15 19:40
    Aluminum? Or gold leaf?
  8. Flower
    2017-04-15 19:39
    Curses ... you saw right through my plot!

    Foiled again!

  9. LKK
    2017-04-15 19:37
    If I was the secret songer writer and music composer and I told you, then it wouldn't be a secret no more, now would it?
  10. Flower
    2017-04-15 19:30
    So ... is it true that you are the secret song writer and music composer of the Hinako Note OP? For some reason I can just see you grinning and composing it.

    I wonder why? Hmm....

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