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Conversation Between LKK and Onizuka-GTO
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  1. Onizuka-GTO
    2008-06-02 16:15
    hmmm....just jumping into the conversation, where i come from we still use gender-specific words, such as "blokes", "mates", "birds", "missus" (if your referring to someone's partner or your own) or in my case "lasses" or "girls"

    But then again my baby sister who is far more popular for her own good, (she's a pretty high maintenance girl ~ugg boots~ ) i've heard her use the American word "guys" a lot, but then again she does watch an un-healthy amount of Desperate Housewives....

    But i do come from the harsh & bitter viking uneducated northern England where we periodicially have to fight off the drunken Scots just in time to have some warm bitter ale and biscuits so i guess it's just a question of my old upbringing.

    I suspect they are much more closer to you Americans the closer we get to London, (not to mention the warmer the weather, the beer gets more watered and golden too i suspect )

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