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Conversation Between LKK and Marina2
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  1. Marina2
    2013-12-15 20:30
    Thank you for your reply. I understand your reason now.

    I will be more careful next time ^^
  2. LKK
    2013-12-15 10:11
    First off, thank you for the congratulation.

    Like the person who answered your speculation with spoiler information, I too believed that you were asking for an answer. I deleted your post so that others wouldn't also try to answer and thereby post the spoiler response a second time. In other words, I was removing the temptation your post unwittingly offered. To prevent such in misunderstandings in the future, try wording your speculations to sound less like a request for information and more like an "I wonder what" statement. In fact, the words "I wonder" would be a quick way to differentiate between the two types of postings. Or the simple prefix "Speculation:" before the rest of your sentence would do the trick. Had I realized that you were speculating rather than asking for a spoiler answer, I would not have deleted your post.
  3. Marina2
    2013-12-15 06:41
    Oh!, I see that you just become a mod a month ago........congratulation!

    Here is your first complaint message from me!

    You mistook my post in Log Horizon ep.11 thread as [A questions that require a spoiler answer] while it is just a pure speculation that doesn't even need a spoiler answer.

    Why? Was it because there was someone answered me with spoiler so you delete my post because you think I asked for a spoiler????....It is very annoying when something like this happened.

    ( I assume that watisit answered to me?? I didn't even see his post before it get deleted..)

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