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Conversation Between FireChick and Flower
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  1. Flower
    2016-03-11 23:36
    No worries, no worries.

    Things are okay overall ... many, many things going on and very busy with RL things ... a little more than usual.

    How about yourself? Anything this season caught your interest? Any unexpected pleasant surprises?
  2. FireChick
    2016-03-11 18:06
    Whoa. Hi there. It sure has been a long time. Jeez, I didn't see this until two months later. What's up? How's life?
  3. Flower
    2016-01-18 09:59
    Hey there! Long time no see, eh?
  4. Flower
    2013-11-20 21:21
    Thank you very much!

    Believe me, I was just as surprised by the offer as you were by the discovery - possibly even moreso. ^^
  5. FireChick
    2013-11-20 20:08
    You're a moderator now?! Awesome! Congrats!
  6. Flower
    2013-11-02 21:23
    You know, I have been thinking quite a bit about futatose since it ended, and I think tnat from an overall perspective the director is truly giving us a coming of age story, but one also centered around recovery from her father dying. The three years of high school are being used as the "stage" for chronicling this recovery.

    There was a distinct general tenor to season 1 and a different one to season 2, but there is very definite, logical and organic progression being shown that is easy to miss because the pace is slower than most are used to and the "road signs" are not laid out in obvious, logical procession.

    Rather it reminds me of a series of haiku chronicling a journey, or a collection of photographs of a trip, where one has to read between the lines and beneath the surface.

    It is different from the Aria series in that sense, which is much more impressionistic, but is held together by the chronology of the seasons, something way easier to "catch" in the manga source, btw.

    The scenes where her photo skill was criticized fits into the general pattern of the whole season, imo. ^^
  7. FireChick
    2013-11-02 20:09
    I liked it. It sorta lacked some things the first season had, but it had its charms, and it was still nice in its own way. Plus one episode happily broke a cliche in Tamayura that was starting to annoy me a little bit (Thank God, somebody actually critiques her work and criticizes it! As much as I like Tamayura, I was getting a LIIIIIITTLE bit tired of everyone praising her photos up the wazoo all the time).
  8. Flower
    2013-11-02 19:05
    Thanks! Will give it a look.

    Btw, what did you think of Tamayura S2?
  9. FireChick
    2013-11-02 18:56
    Hey, have you heard of a cute little anime called Popolocrois Monogatari? If you ever get the chance, check it out! It's really cute and sweet, but complex as well! Here's a link to the episodes:
  10. FireChick
    2013-03-15 07:42
    Yeah. But now I'm having trouble getting Homeless Girl Remy episodes 16-23. Ugh.

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