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Conversation Between Kairin and kumbandit
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  1. kumbandit
    2010-05-27 19:49
    And could you ppl please stop calling her "mascot"? It seems a bit disrespectful. Ty.
  2. kumbandit
    2010-05-27 19:48
    Thank you for this automated msg. I won't lie to you, my motives are pretty selfish, as I'm not very active on forums of any kind generally. The only reason I joined is to post a new topic, requesting assisstance from anime experts that I believe are gathered here on this forum. As I said, I'm pretty inexperienced with forums, so there's a high probability I'll post topic in a wrong place, so please take notice and correct my noobish (eventual) mistake if it occurs, and feel free to relocate it to the right place as an administrator. Also, send me msg about the new locaton of my post. Thank you in advance, and I apologise if you dislike what I've done (created profile for (probably) temporary use). I won't be suprised if you ban me, but I joined only cause that's the only way to post a topic, and I need help desperately. You'll see what i mean when you see my post. Greetings.

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