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Conversation Between Kairin and Ludrio D. Zoki
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  1. Kairin
    2011-07-14 04:13
    Welcome. And you're welcome

    If you are ontributing something new and interesting to the discussion "bumping" the old conversation is fine (and in some cases desired over making a new thread). What we dislike is people posting just to bring topics back to the top, even when they actually have nothing to add to them.
  2. Ludrio D. Zoki
    2011-07-06 00:10
    Ludrio D. Zoki
    Thanks for a warm greeting, while I doubt each of those words were directly aimed at my one account, it means enough to send me a welcome message. Might I ask, this? I have read over the rules and understood them well, I see how bumping old conversations, threads, and posts is lookeddown upon, and the reason I have an infamous history of doing just that, save for my little time here, I want to know, just how unacceptable is it to bump old posts, even accidentaly at first? Thanks again.

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