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Conversation Between Kairin and -KONA-
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  1. -KONA-
    2013-05-27 16:14
    Hunter needs to be de-modded. First let's get this straight. This is a internet forum. I don't like many opinions here and I don't need to act like a child. I would ban everybody who would disagree with my opinion.

    I said prime hiruzen is the strongest hokage. There is nothing you can debate accept the manga truth. /End thread. Something like that. Post is deleted you can read it. Somebody got upset about my opinion and permanently banned me for having a opinion he doesn't like. This is very childish same thing happens in the past. I don't like many opinions but banning people for having a disagreement about a subject is childish.

    I find this very childish for somebody on a internet forum

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