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Conversation Between Chaos2Frozen and com_gwp
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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-01-18 20:58
    ...No... Just... Nevermind...
  2. com_gwp
    2013-01-18 20:55
    Any party games really. Maybe one of those hand motion shooters thingy, would be pretty trippy as well.
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-01-18 20:52
    So what games would you recommend for the Kinetic?
  4. com_gwp
    2013-01-18 20:50
    Depends. The Kinect can be wicked fun, even if it's still stupid. It's like the wii, I had a blast with some of the more ridiculous motion games like Mario at the Olympics and Rayman Rabbibs.

    Edit: Which makes me think, Dance Central would be a perfect stupid fun game. Especially with Gangnam Style and with the whole room dancing alongside.
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-01-18 20:28
    It's a waste of space and money.
  6. com_gwp
    2013-01-18 20:06
    Kim meng buying Kinect.
  7. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-01-18 19:38
    ...Are you referring to Ninja Theory promoting hate, or Kim Meng buying a Kinetic?
  8. com_gwp
    2013-01-18 19:33
    I don't see the problem?
  9. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-01-16 18:52
    Old Kim Kong fucking bought a Kinect, can you believe that shit? He has god knows how many gamer friends and he couldn't ask us first before making a decision =_=?
  10. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-01-15 20:08
    All of this is from the same guy, the first one talks about the issues with the demo.


    This one talks about Ninja Theory:


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