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Conversation Between Chaos2Frozen and Azuma Denton
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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-05-26 03:55
    I'll... Pass on that for now...
  2. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-26 03:54
    Azuma Denton
    That is so sad...
    Do you want me to introduce you to some Indonesian girl? They are timid, submissive, a good cleaner, and a cook...
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-05-26 03:48
    Every girl I like is taken.
  4. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-26 03:42
    Azuma Denton
    Are you sure??
    And I still dont get it, why you are having girl problems IRL? You are much more "potential" than me...
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-05-26 03:35
    Don't worry, he's wholesome- he would forgive me.
  6. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-26 03:33
    Azuma Denton
    At least grow it as the same length like Ice T or TRL...
    Or are you saying Ice T is douch??
  7. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-05-26 03:30
    ...I'm not going to grow it more than I have to =_= Long hairs are for douches.
  8. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-26 03:28
    Azuma Denton
    You should really fix that hair. I agree that it is too short. You should grow out your hair.
  9. Azuma Denton
    2013-05-23 18:39
    Azuma Denton
    10am at Clarke Quay station on 25th. We will decide where to go from there.
    There you go. If you are late, you can inform me later...
  10. Chaos2Frozen
    2013-05-23 09:27
    I don't want perverts to know.

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