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Conversation Between Chaos2Frozen and MeisterBabylon
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  1. MeisterBabylon
    2011-06-02 00:07
    Big case of "why didn't I think of that"
  2. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-06-02 00:00
    No espers, remeber my 'Destroyers'? This would be like my sixth revision. When the hulks were introduced, i decided to abandon the idea of evil for the sake of evil... killing nuns just became tasteless and uninspiring.

    What do you think about the super dense magic concept?
  3. MeisterBabylon
    2011-06-01 23:27
    Yep that sounds just right.

    And why do I smell espers there...?
  4. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-06-01 09:41
    Another thing, I'm sure everybody wants to conjure up their own magic style unique to their story. But I want to try something different by imputing theories from toaru- I've came up with the idea of the 'super dense magic'. Let me know what you think:

  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-06-01 09:37
    This is my set up.

  6. MeisterBabylon
    2011-06-01 06:05
    First Contact + reintegration sounds like a descent place to start.

    Fire away.
  7. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-06-01 04:44
    So its kinda like a balancing act; I need the setting to be on a planet within TSAB 'reach', but not yet under their control- sort of a work-in-progress for them.

    The timeline is after A's.

    In fact, if you dont mind I'll sent you a pm with full details.

    Spoiler for to be continue from the above:
  8. MeisterBabylon
    2011-06-01 03:25
    Might not be happening; they won't be under Bureau control, as it has been implied to be supreme save Saint Church's self governance. But once you go out Bureau control, the implied system is local barons in control, forever engaging in small wars. But I feel once you get out of normal territory, anything goes. Those orders can exist.
  9. Chaos2Frozen
    2011-06-01 03:02
    i was thinking more of an Order of Belkan Knights (maybe even several)independant from the Church, relics from a time long before.

    Sorry, i didnt follow Vivid so my belkan history is limited But I think there should be some other religion differ from the Saint Church... Say monothesis (sp)?

    Spoiler for continue from above:
  10. MeisterBabylon
    2011-06-01 02:26
    Knights could work, but I used knights that follow the heirarchy of a church. So while they are Sir something, the rank they hold is something from the RCC. They are run in a similar manner. Modified to include inquisitors (internal structure probably like a church) as the local police. The governor would be a bishop or something around there. Pope belongs to carim, and cardinals run regions of dimensional clusters, and so forth. Kha's part of the equivalent of God's Right Seat...

    This is however the structure of dimensions within the saint church. Those who broke off during the Sundering and then were never annexed by the last Saint King or the Bureau that followed now lie far out of the fringes, and follow a feudal system like old european countries. That's what I think, because from ur message you seem to be refering to these kind of fringe d-clusters.

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