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Conversation Between Chaos2Frozen and MeisterBabylon
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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2010-05-14 10:24
    I trust you buddy

    PM me the description of the attire on Touma and Index, thanks
  2. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-14 05:16
    It would be pretty weird a description though, as people have likened my writing to a cross of Toaru and Lord of the Flies...
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2010-05-13 23:21
    Say Kha, How good are you with clothing description? Enough for me to sent you a random image and have you talk about it in 50+ words ?
  4. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-05 10:58
    Negima OCT wants YOU! >=3
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2010-01-22 06:06
    I probably should've asked you sooner, so what series are you following now?

    For me, Railgun and FMA is a given, new additions are Baka test and Durarara and that's about it for now...

    ...Yeah, I'm cutting back
  6. MeisterBabylon
    2009-12-29 10:19
    Where the hell have to been?! I'm having a hard time holding the fort together!

    And I order you to volunteer!

    OCT may be slow... But we shall spring forth anew!

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