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Conversation Between BellaD and Tommy
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  1. Tommy
    2008-10-10 23:41
    I think I just fell in love with you... AGAIN!
  2. Tommy
    2008-10-10 20:55
    Why hello to you too! Got a costume picked out for halloween yet?
  3. BellaD
    2008-10-10 17:06
  4. Tommy
    2008-09-13 20:43
    I'm BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. BellaD
    2008-09-06 21:10
    Oh I always wanted to go skydiving....I hope your chute opens lol
    You started college? Congrats !!! A language major ? Liberal arts should be good for the beginning.
  6. Tommy
    2008-09-05 14:12
    I'm going skydiving in 2 days!

    Oh and my 7 year break from school ended the other week, I'm now going to a local Community College. So far it's been pretty refreshing, but I'm just taking easy core classes right now. I'm sure my attitude will likely change in a few months.

    Don't worry you can always PM me a picture or two, trust me I won't mind.
  7. BellaD
    2008-09-05 09:33
    Well my friend how are you ? What's new ? Haven't spoken to you in a while, I hope all is good?
    Sorry about the photo thing, I guess I just keep forgetting to put them up. And also I feel age kicking in, dont want to scare you with my wrinkles.
  8. Tommy
    2008-07-31 17:30
    My new photo wasn't interesting enough for you?

    Well I could think of a thing or two that would spice this place up a bit, the first involves you sharing some of those photos from your trip with us.

    The second isn't safe to mention around the kiddos on here.
  9. BellaD
    2008-07-31 14:49
    Ohhh no, I am back, just not active around the forum. I dont see many interesting threads and this new feature, well's not new anymore so it has lost the grasp it had upon me lol. Suki needs to come up with some steamy ideas to keep me interested
  10. Tommy
    2008-07-31 14:31
    Still on vacation?

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