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Conversation Between BellaD and Tommy
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  1. Tommy
    2008-07-10 04:04
    Thanks! Yeah my natural hair color is red, well more like orange lol. So when are the pics of your trip coming up? The wait is unbearable!
  2. BellaD
    2008-07-08 08:18
    I have to say the Monk outfit...makes you look like one big orange lol...very sexyyy .
    Is that your prom picture ? Awwww.... and wait is that your natural hair color ?
  3. Tommy
    2008-06-10 19:09
    I've got goosebumps on my arms and butterflies in my stomach.
  4. Tommy
    2008-06-09 22:56
    Well I do aim to please... It is getting hot in Arizona this time of year and I do work outside in tight mailman shorts... Who knows what kind of pictures might show up.

    A few of the customers on my mail route also own a bunch of horses; shall I ride them topless for you?

    Of course as they say in Fullmetal Alchemist, "I would need something of equivalent trade."
  5. BellaD
    2008-06-08 02:49
    Hah, you know me so little, you thought I lived in Europe? ..ncncncnc....shame.....and yes if you do dirty deeds for me I will pay you well ...
    Dear mother of god Tommy that profile pic is so beautiful it makes me want to brings such emotions out lol.
  6. Tommy
    2008-05-30 23:18
    For some unknown reason I thought you already lived in Europe. Well have fun and certainly post some pics when you get back.

    And whats this about having me do your dirty work?
  7. Tommy
    2008-05-26 20:59
    I only have you to blame for bringing this feature to my attention!

    Just wait till I start e stalking and annoying the other members.
  8. BellaD
    2008-05-26 18:32
    I think this could start to get annoying, now I am not paying attention to the threads and posts but to this only lol. How silly >_< but I cant resist .
  9. Tommy
    2008-05-26 14:19
    Ooooooh a little popular I see. I'm jealous.
  10. BellaD
    2008-05-25 20:41
    Hello, what type of a new feature is this lol ? Just testing! But anywho if I am supposed to talk about Tommy all I say is this....RUNNNN! lol j/k

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