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Conversation Between Naive and Eurys
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  1. Eurys
    2011-09-21 07:54
    I'm ok, I'm alive, I'm dumb.

    Sorry I worried you, I didn't mean to.
    How are you? Still going strong and dazzling people?
  2. Naive
    2011-05-20 22:23
    I'm worried D:
  3. Naive
    2011-05-18 14:11
    Sensei, are you alive. D:
  4. Naive
    2011-05-09 23:22
    sensei are you ok?
  5. Naive
    2011-04-02 14:52
    senseii <333 how are you doing?
  6. Naive
    2010-12-25 14:46
    You too my friend. Have a wonderful Christmas. Yeah, I've been pretty busy with finals :/ and I think I lost everyone's address when my computer crashed.

    But I want to send something soon.
  7. Eurys
    2010-12-24 08:37
    Hahahaha ... sorry, that statement should make anyone cry actually :/

    Anyway, the hell with Bleach! Have a merry Christmas, Sandy <3
    (Sorry, I was a bit lazy this year, didn't send anything :/ )
  8. Naive
    2010-12-18 18:20
    fucking hell, bleach for ten years. Let me die
  9. Naive
    2010-12-13 23:34
    I wouldn't be surprised. Orihime is a failure beyond proportions.
  10. Eurys
    2010-12-13 07:26
    You're preaching to the choir, girl
    I'm glad i moved on. From the little spoilers I've read, it doesn't seem to get better. Kubo is probably just trolling now.

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