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Conversation Between Naive and Eurys
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  1. Naive
    2010-12-10 22:42
    :/ Kubo sucks
  2. Naive
    2010-12-01 21:37
    No. I did catch up on Gakuen Alice but nothing new. I hate hate moe and incest.
  3. Eurys
    2010-11-29 01:12
    Haha yeah, sorry, i saw that but it's...hum...merchandising imo. But it's because i dont even like the pairing anymore. Nothing about it could excite me.
    Speaking about manga/anime, are you reading/watching anything this season? It sucks, it's all about moe and incest. I do like Shiki a lot though.
    Oh, a bit late, but i hope you had a happy thanksgiving.
  4. Naive
    2010-11-10 19:39
    I guess I shouldn't talk to you about the calendar spread :x
  5. Eurys
    2010-10-16 05:19
    I saw some pics of the "separation"... fucking sucks, imo. Makes me even more convinced that pairing will never happen. And even if it did, well, Kubo's writing is so atrocious it would ruin it.
    I'm truly over it :/
  6. Naive
    2010-10-12 18:23
    sensei i heard you were on msn!
  7. Naive
    2010-10-08 20:43
    Sensei, what did you think of the last chapter
  8. Naive
    2010-10-04 11:43
    Yeah, it's exhausting.

    I heard that feldt doesn't end up with setsuna in the gundam 00 movie, but Setsuna becomes an alien and visits Marina years later.
  9. Eurys
    2010-10-04 11:08
    You're working out? That's fierce. I'm too lazy for that. Great choice of songs too.
    I wonder what will be the ending of macross frontier 2nd movie? Probably a troll ending...
    I seems the Gundam 0 movie did get a troll ending too, haha.
  10. Naive
    2010-09-10 14:22
    Dear Sensei,

    I've been working out to May'N songs like Infinity and Don't be Late, they're amazing. :3

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