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Conversation Between herbert and raile
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  1. raile
    2009-07-30 02:46
    Thanks herbert! I'm glad that's cleared up.
  2. herbert
    2009-07-30 00:28
    Sorry for the super late reply, I hadn't been at home for past 3 weeks.

    Regarding the talk, your guess is right. They were just joking, not meant to be taken seriously.
  3. raile
    2009-07-14 23:34
    Yellow herbert! I just dropped by to ask regarding this old post you made in the Sheryl Fanclub:

    Talking about DVD, I recently heard about it contains a vocal special conversation in each vol (though contents likely joking chatting rather than serious discussion).

    In vol 6 vocal special, it has a conversation about why Alto is anxious towards Brera:

    吉:あれはボディペインティング ⇒ 一同:ヤバスw
    ☆:恋の方で絡みたかったよ、△w だって家族愛とかだしー

    Hiroyuki Yoshino explained that is because Brera is from Macross Galaxy and Alto is afraid Brera may know Sheryl.

    I just wanted to ask if this is really true and has been confirmed (with official source and all). Sorry, if it sounds like I'm doubting you, but I've just grown careful with infos and such after the whole Shaloom thing. Please and thank you~

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