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Conversation Between herbert and Fate21
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  1. Fate21
    2009-08-06 08:50
    Your Touhou picture is so beautiful
  2. Fate21
    2009-06-24 14:17
    Fate21 : *pet herbert and lol
    herbert : huh?
    Fate21 : don't blink......i mean get mad
  3. Fate21
    2009-06-18 12:15
    I see, thanks for the information..
    I often heard that 3, but i don't know much about it.
  4. herbert
    2009-06-18 11:41
    It's not from anime nor manga. It's from doujin game series Touhou Project, which is mainly shmup type games. It's one of big 3 in nowday doujin society(along with Type-Moon and When-They-Cry). Characters in the series are nearly all girls, thus making Touhou a land of yuri.

    The two girls you saw in pictures are Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid. The pairing is normally called MariAli or MAlice.

    For more details, you better google "Touhou Wiki," it's good source of info., but my warning: characteristics in Touhou are largely fan-made, thus nothing is really certain and some info. there may be out-dated.
  5. Fate21
    2009-06-18 06:43
    From the picture of Yuri fan club that you add.
    What is the name of the anime?
  6. herbert
    2009-06-17 13:52
    Sure, I have accepted.
  7. Fate21
    2009-06-17 12:29
    Your album cover Used sig's and avatars is funny.
    Can we befriend?

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