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Conversation Between KholdStare and CrowKenobi
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  1. CrowKenobi
    2011-11-22 21:17
    Happy Birthday!
  2. CrowKenobi
    2010-11-22 02:07
    Happy Birthday!
  3. KholdStare
    2010-09-11 14:18
    Thanks for re-opening, and sorry I couldn't get you back before. I had to do ISML things yesterday. <3
  4. CrowKenobi
    2010-09-11 05:32
    Thread open, have at it!
  5. CrowKenobi
    2010-09-10 16:20
    I'll consider it. PM me what you have in mind. Also, can you write something I can add to the op to make it less of just a listing?
  6. KholdStare
    2010-09-10 16:03
    Please re-open the Saimoe Champions Thread. There is indeed a point to it, very relevant to those who pay attention to all 3 tournaments. Of course there hasn't been enough discussions, because those questions that the OP raised, are data collection questions, which are not going to be done in a day. It does not fit in any of the saimoe threads, because discussing other saimoe that does not relate to the current matches would be considered off-topic. It seems incredibly unfair to close the thread after a day of discussions, and I still have much to say about the topic.
  7. KholdStare
    2008-12-03 16:36
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry I was a bit late...
  8. CrowKenobi
    2008-11-22 12:28
    Happy birthday!!

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