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Conversation Between KholdStare and Ahasuerus
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  1. KholdStare
    2012-12-23 00:09
    Hi, come online! Steam or IRC...
  2. Ahasuerus
    2008-07-19 20:05
    Apparently I fail at convos too. I can't tell when to just post a msg in my profile or go to "conversation" for replies. Too much thinking LOL
    Anyway, your Photoshop skills are good enough to make swell sigs, so I guess you don't really need "more". Unless you want more in which case fine, I hope you get more
  3. KholdStare
    2008-07-19 19:50
    Yeah, I wish I had more PhotoShop skills too.
  4. Ahasuerus
    2008-07-03 21:37
    Cool Whip has a tangy zip???

    I must have missed that.

    Shoot, now I want some...
  5. KholdStare
    2008-07-03 19:18
    Well I'm glad you liked the signature. I like making sad signatures. Have you seen my Nagisa one?
  6. Ahasuerus
    2008-05-25 16:35
    Heya, thanks! I didn't even know this existed :P

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