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Conversation Between KholdStare and Kyuu
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  1. Kyuu
    2012-09-03 18:56

    Ah, the RB/WR slot. I decided to remove that due to the potential 3 RB start. Tried it, and thought: Hell no (despite taking advantage of it myself). I've never gone 3 RBs in the first 5 picks, due to losing out on the other positions. For a 3rd RB, I pray and hope to get lucky. Gotta love those sleepers.
  2. KholdStare
    2012-09-03 14:55
    Well yeah, what I meant was usually I pick 3 RBs in the first 5 rounds, but that's when RB/WR was a position. I'm wondering if I should only pick 2 now.

    Also I need your email, going to add you as second owner to a team in case they don't join in time.
  3. Kyuu
    2012-09-03 13:38
    I tend to treat WR and TE as generally the same position. Though, most TEs are generally useless scoring wise in the later rounds anyways.

    It's usually the first 5 picks that are important anyways. Picks from the later rounds can be subject to Waivers anyways.
  4. KholdStare
    2012-09-03 13:35
    Hm, I haven't played with a WR/TE position before. Does this really change your draft planning? For example, when to draft your 3rd RB...
  5. Kyuu
    2012-09-02 05:26
    By all means.

    I had to cut some people, 'cause spots filled up. Likewise, there's the NFL thread in the main forum:

    My PM box is filled in MAL, due to some club spam bug that filled my box with like 600 pages of stuff. So, I don't even bother to use it.

    Y'might wanna just try a separate thread there to get more attention.
  6. KholdStare
    2012-09-02 05:21
    Okay, can I post the league at your MAL club too? There seems to be more people interested there so we can fill them up faster.

    EDIT: Does mass messaging work on MAL now? Somehow I doubt it...
  7. Kyuu
    2012-09-02 05:20
    Heh. I just changed

    FG Missed (0-39 yards) (FGM0) to (-2) instead of (-3)
  8. Kyuu
    2012-09-02 05:16
    I'd be willing to play in your league. However, don't include me, unless y'have trouble filling out 10 or 12 slots. I'll give everyone else priority first.

    Also, no need to have the exact same rules and numbers. You're free to modify the scoring rules, as y'see fit. However, here are my settings. I based these off of numbers calculated off of a Yahoo league, that I had run since 2005.



  9. KholdStare
    2012-09-02 04:54
    You guys are thinking of starting a second league, so I think we should just roll with that and maybe recruit from AS to get the teams filled. If you don't want to be in another league, just give me the details and I'll start a league with exactly the same rules as your other one.
  10. Kyuu
    2011-10-03 23:01
    Been playing mahjong in real life lately. My senses are tingling. LOLOLOLOL. Peace.

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